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Scheveningen The Hague Travel Guide
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Here are some highlights:

Don't miss in Scheveningen:

The Kurhaus hotel


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History of the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel

The history of the Kurhaus Hotel dates back almost 200 years, to the year 1818, when Jacob Pronk opened a bathing establishment. The modestly sized wooden building had four rooms, each fitted with a bad tub. These tubs were filled with cold or heated seawater, bathing in these tubs was said to have a healing effect. Those with a more adventurous spirit could also
opt for a more direct treatment. Pronk owned two carriages that were used to drive guests into the breakers. The bathing resort was so successful, that in 1826 it was replaced by a stone building, this bathing house was owned by the local government. Here guests could find hotel rooms, a library, a billiards room, dining rooms and bathing facilities.

To transform Scheveningen into an upmarket sea side resort, the decision was made to breakdown the bathhouse in 1884. Within a year, on the exact location, the Kurhaus was build by German architects Johann Friedrich Henkenhaf and Friedrich Ebert from the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam. The Kurhaus opened her doors on 11 July 1885 and offered 120 hotel rooms, two restaurants and various halls, including a concert area in the main hall. Just a year later, before the bathing season even started, the Kurhaus burnt to the ground. Within one year she was rebuilt entirely. In the following years the consortium, a shopping mall, the pier, the Kurhaus Bar, the Circus theatre and the inhalatorium were built.


Bungy jumping from the pier    International Fireworks Festival; in summer there are frequently firework displays.

At the end of the pier there's a restaurant with 360 degrees sea view

The Pier in 1909

The pier

The first Pier was just before the Kurhaus, named "Queen Wilhelmina Pier",  and was destroyed in World War II by fire on March 26 1943. In 1959 a new one was built, out of concrete, about a 100 metres to the north, so not longer before the Kurhaus. This one measures 382 meters from the the waterside.

The Pier is now an entertainment facility and also a wellknown restaurant, gambling halls/casinos.

Underwater tunnel 

Sea Life centre

Just beneath the apartment! Discover the surprising underwater world. Get up close to sharks, piranha's, rays, sea horses and many other sea creatures.

In the Circus Theatre the best musicals play.

Circus theatre

Just 1 minute walk from the apartment! In the Circus theatre, the biggest stars of dutch musical theatre play.


Holland Casino and Pathé Cinemas

Also just 1 minute walk from the apartment! Countless things to do...

A 5 minutes walk from the apartment to the Rosery of the Westbroekpark

Rosary in the Westbroekpark

The Westbroekpark is one of the many parks in the Hague, but also one of the most beautiful. Its Rosarium with hundreds of rose species is very well-known in the world as each year there is an international competition for the best roses. It's certainly worth a visit!


With tram line 9 you stop directly at Madurodam. Discover Holland's architecture in 1 day in the miniature city of Madurodam. For children it's very nice as they are allowed to do many things in the park. They can control the miniature trains, boats, canals, etc.

Museum Beelden aan zee (Sculptures at sea)

Right on the Boulevard 2 blocks from the apartment and Next to Pavilion Von Wied you can admire many sculptures in the museum and in the scuplture garden.

Dutch tulips in front of the Peace Palace

Vredespaleis (Peace Palace)

With tramline 1 you take tram stop 'Vredespaleis'. This is the home to the international Court of Justice, the only judicial organ of the United Nations outside New York, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This beautiful building and the organisations it houses have given The Hague worldwide renown as the city of Peace and Justice. At the side of the entrance to the Peace Palace is the Eternal Peace Flame: 'May all beings find peace'. Around the monument there is the World Path of Peace, made up of a ring of 196 stones and pebbles from 196 countries. There's a block of stone from the Berlin Wall and a stone from Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.

Don't miss in The Hague:


The Noordeinde Palace is the Queen's work palace                Princess Maxima, Prince Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix

Noordeinde Palace

The Noordeinde Palace is the queen's work palace. On 'Prinsjesdag', this is on the 3rd Tuesday of September, the Queen goes with the golden coach from the Noordeinde to the Knight House (the 'Ridderzaal') on the 'Binnenhof',  where she reads out the new plans for the coming year of the dutch government.
The street Noordeinde is also a beautiful shopping street with beautiful shops and antiques.

The passage

Come and shop in the oldest covered shopping centre in the Netherlands. In the glass roofed Passage you will find all sorts of specialty shops, each with their own individual allure.

The government buildings

Queen Beatrix arriving in the golden coach in the 'Binnenhof'

The government buildings seen from the 'Hofvijver' (the court pond) with on the left The Mauritshuis museum; the first small tower right from the Mauristhuis is the office of the dutch prime minister.

The Mauritshuis museum

In this museum you can see Vermeer's 'Girl with a pearl earring' and Potter's 'Young bull' and many more. Due to renovation, 70 highlights from the Mauritshuis collection will temporarily housed in the Gemeentemuseum The Hague.

The Gemeentemuseum

The world's biggest Mondrian collection, including the 'Victory Boogie Woogie'. You will also find paintings from Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Karel Appel.

Museon and Omniversum

Next to the Gemeentemuseum, in the Museon, children learn through playing. Everything from the development of man to the universe of planets, from communication to the environment, etc.

In the Omniversum you will be dazzled by the spectacular giant screen films. The movie theatre has an enormous domed ceiling and the screen stretches round, above and even behind the audience.

Panorama Mesdag

Sensational panorama of Scheveningen in 1881 and museum dedicated to the other works by Hendrik Willem Mesdag. It's certainly something you have to see!

The Mesdag collection

A spectacular collection of paintings from The Hague School and the french Barbizon School. This museum is still the same as in the 19th century.

The Lange Voorhout

With tramline 1 stop at 'Kneuterdijk' for the Lange Voorhout. Every Thursday and Sunday there's an antiques and art fair. From October to May in the Winter months, on Thursdays only and the location is then the "Plein'. Gallery 'Pulchri Studio' at the Lange Voorhout has a free admission. Also on this address: the 5 star Des Indes Hotel and the Eschermuseum in the Winter Palace of Queen Emma. In the Denneweg you can also find many antiques shops.

The Escher Museum

Museum and interactive exhibition dedicated to the works and life of the dutch graphic artist Escher. Discover how this world famous artist makes water flow upstream and fish change into birds.

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